Photo Challenge Voting & Critique: Introduction Portrait

Choose one photo to critique. Once that photo has been chosen, then you have to choose a different photo to critique so that everyone has their photo critiqued.

For your critique, you will write a 300 word critique that addresses the following criteria.

Composition. Where the photographer placed the camera in the frame. Does the person appear far away or close up. Is the composition appropriate to the subject matter? Is it too close or too far away? or just right? Please explain your thinking.

Lighting. Does the lighting add interest to the photo or is the lighting just there? Did the photographer use lighting to highlight the personality of the person in the photograph, or did the photographer use whatever light was available?

Photoshop. Does the image look like something that could come out of the camera, or is there too much Photoshop. Was Photoshop used to highlight a personality trait to the subject or was Photoshop used just to use Photoshop?

Overall: Does the image show a unique personality or is the photo generic? Is the portrait traditional or non-traditional? What are your first impressions of the person from the image you are seeing? What could be done to improve this image? Is this image successful.

Please write complete answers for all of the above questions. Don’t tell me the questions, just give me the answers, in 300 words or more, and fully explain your thinking.

Step 1: Write your critique in Word or Google Docs.Check for grammar and spelling. Read it aloud to yourself.
Step 2: Copy and paste the text to the individual photo in the photo gallery. Post the text as a comment to the photo.

Critiques are due before Friday, 9/19.


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