To Do List for 9/29


Learning Objectives::.

  • I know what the two contrasting ideas are for my This vs. That photos.
  • I can start on my 300 word critique.
  1. Work on your  Famous Quote Critique. – DUE TODAY
    1. Pasted as a comment to the photo.
    2. Turned into Google Classroom
  2. Turn in two photos for  Photo Challenge: This vs. That
    1. Two contrasting ideas in each photo.
    2. Two contrasting “looks”.
    3. Turned into Google Classroom
    4. Uploaded to flickr
    5. Added to HHS Photography
  3. Brainstorm 3 ideas for this week’s photo Challenge: Be Inclusive!

One thought on “To Do List for 9/29”

  1. ‘Be Inclusive’ Ideas
    Show one individual by himself laughing at his phone, while three people are looking at him in the background sad. Basically the opposite of what you would expect. Object dominance would be the main Element of Design.
    Show a person sitting in his room playing video games while three people can be viewed out the window laughing and on their phones. Photo dominance would be the main Element of Design.
    Show someone walking down the hallway while two people on both sides are laughing and smiling at each other. Symmetry Element of Design.


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