POW: Troy Radcliffe

This Week’s Photographer of the Week is the man who practically invented HDR, Trey Ratcliffe. His website contained an HDR Tutorial that kicked off the whole HDR revolution. An avid traveller, Trey Ratcliffe flies around the world bringing his brand of HDR photography to the world.

After viewing the above photos, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

What is HDR photography able to capture that traditional photography cannot? What subjects are best for HDR photography as suggested in the photos here? Which type of HDR photography is the more successful, heavy HDR or subtle HDR?


10 thoughts on “POW: Troy Radcliffe”

  1. HDR photography is able to capture a much greater range of luminosity than traditional photography can. The best subjects for HDR photography would probably be something that appears natural, and something that is very colorful – these things will truly bring out HDR’s ability. Heavy HDR is better than subtle HDR as heavy HRD brings out more colors and luminosity.


  2. HDR photography is more detailed and captures more light. It looks like landscape photos work best with HDR because there is natural lighting and has more range in them. I personally think that subtle HDR looks better because the photographer (hopefully) made the photo look good originally and adding a bunch of color and gamma sorta degrades that look.


  3. HDR photography captures more details and features you wouldn’t normally see in photos without HDR. I think that the best would have to be photos of nature. I think that the most successful would have to be subtle HDR because I think too much of it kind of makes the colors a little weird but if you do subtle it makes it look more natural.


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