Post your Imagistic Sentences Here.

Write down the sentences that contain the most imagistic moments of your two writing pieces Today.

Post them as a comment to this post.


Thanks, ya’ll are awesome.


3 thoughts on “Post your Imagistic Sentences Here.”

  1. Stiff as a board, and aching in his shaky legs and stumbling arms, he sat down on his creaky, century old chair.

    He thought back to all the years he had spent living in the sun dried, dusty, radioactive wasteland he called home.

    Hopping off the creaky old bed, he made his way downstairs, slowly breathing in the crisp, misty morning air.


  2. it was magnificent dances of familiar colors. They where happy and lived without regulation or regret.
    I would turn from a life of anger and sorrow enough to kill any regular man with a doubt in his mind, and would forget…
    Freedom was a possibility afterward and not just a distant light that seemed to forever retreat.
    Fast approaching gray with sharp jagged white that hid intentions behind a plastic face of joy and cheer.
    Sight cannot see or detect for the darkness was too loud for my eyes to handle or imagine.
    Climb arms, climb faster than a monkey from a lion, up a cement slab one by one, twisting and turning around as if to escape each corner.
    many a sun and moon jumped about the sky since the last day I saw the dancing hues


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