Next Photo Challenge – Slow Shutter Speed


Using the TV Mode of the camera, you will create two slow shutter speed photos. Some examples of what you can do with slow shutter include light painting, and ghosted images.

Great tutorial on Ghosted Images can be found here.

TWO photos are due on 2/26, uploaded to Google Classroom & the HHS Photography Group on Flickr.


12 thoughts on “Next Photo Challenge – Slow Shutter Speed”

  1. Slow shutter speed ideas:
    -have a shot from above of a car drawing a face using it’s lights.
    -capture something that happens everyday, but using slow shutter speed
    -get a picture of a minor stadium lights


  2. My three ideas for the slow shutter speed picture are: First I was thinking about someone spinning in a circle with a light making the light spin around them. My second idea was having someone jump from the stairs or cartwheeling making a shadow of them doing it. My last idea is to get a light and shine it repeatedly flashing the light making a starry effect and capture the image.


  3. One idea I have that I’ve had for quite some time is a self portrait of myself, staying still for a moment to have some of my face in the photo, but then suddenly shaking it to give off the “blur” effect, almost like a censor.
    Another I have is to stand in the middle of a busy hallway with everyone walking past, and everyone will be blurred except for the subject.
    My last idea is to do some light painting with some lyrics to a song I like (or at least attempt to).


  4. -draw with glow sticks
    -ghosting thing with putting hands over a face and then moving them so you can see through the hands
    -or going to like a overhang on a freeway where you can pull over and get all the cars passing by


  5. The first idea I am going to do in slow shutter speed is maybe have like 3 of the same person in different places.
    My second idea is to take a picture of somebody walking up the stairs and having the same person in different places in the stairs.
    My third and final idea is to get some sort of flash light and spell out a word.


  6. I’d like to take a picture of a river, the moving water would make a cool shutter effect while the surroundings would stay still. I can take a photo of someone popping a bubble, my research says the shutter speed should be at 3/27. I could take a photo of an underground rail system like the metro with the train moving by


  7. 1.) Have glow sticks and draw something out. Maybe an object or a name.
    2.) I can probably turn on the water fountain and take a picture of the water coming down.
    3.) Drop something in water and take a picture of the splash it makes.


  8. 1. Have someone sitting in a chair, and draw an outline of them with a light.

    2. Zoom in on someone’s face, kind of like Strong demonstrated, but throwing in painting with light technique.

    3. Have people walking in the hall and have there motion blur behind them as they are walking.


  9. My 3 ideas:

    1.Someone who is standing in front of a screen who is screaming and hands surrounding him looking like shadows.

    2.A girl happy with rainbow colored glow sticks surrounding her.

    3.Try to do something with the zoom in and out technique as Strong demonstrated in class.


  10. -My first idea is to shoot someone while they are opening a gate.
    -I want to also try having someone spin in a circle with a light in their hand.
    -The last thing I want to shoot is someone lying on the ground while moving their arms and legs like they are making a snow angel.


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