This Week’s Photo Challenge: Photo Series

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For this next project, you will shoot FIVE PHOTOS that have a common theme. Another way of looking at this is telling a story with five photographs. A story that is complex enough to explore that you need the five photos to explore that.

You could see this as a personal essay with photos instead of words.

Example:Why am I so neurotic? Did my parents make the same mistakes I do? Why do I feel really strongly about a certain things? How well do I know my best friend? Do your friends really define you? Why do I love music so much? Why do I try so hard at soccer at 42, am I really trying to impress my father after all these years?

For the written part, you will write a two paragraph explanation of what your photo series is trying to say.


Advice: Choose a subject that you are passionate about or that confuses you. You could do five photos on dreams, with all five photos being of specific dreams you had. Or you could do a photo series on what people want to be after college, in life.

How to create a set in flickr.

  1. Upload all five photos to Flickr.
  2. Click on each photo under actions.
  3. Click on ‘Add to set.’
  4. Give your new set a name.
  5. Add each photo you upload to your set.
  6. Click on the set.
  7. Copy and paste your two paragraph description into the description field.
  8. Copy and paste the flickr url to your set to this post as a comment.

Due on April 1st, 2016


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