Writing Prompt: Photo Series


Today we’ll do something a little different for our brainstorming sessions. To come up with ideas for the Photo Series, we will respond to two writing prompts. I’ll do this as well.

For each one you will write at least one paragraph for each during the 10 minute time. Keep your pens or pencils moving the entire time.

Prompt #1: Creative Non Fiction

1. The moment after which you were different: Something that changed you in a profound way. Describe that moment.

Prompt #2: Fiction

2. Something you only half remember, maybe its a dream, maybe it was a far away distant memory.

Now that you’ve written these two paragraphs. Look at each paragraph and select as many images from those sentences that you can. underline or highlight those sentences. Those could be the shots for your photo series.






34 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Photo Series”

  1. The moment after which you were different: Something that changed you in a profound way. Describe that moment.
    When I was younger, hunger roared like thunder, or a lion in the tundra, you couldn’t find me in a slumber, until the blunder sucked me under like a vacuum, facing bad news, 30000 leagues deep I weep Like willows with pain of windows, missing when the world when it was simple, now the complexities of a puzzle make me juggle each ball of weight that breaks my strength into the dust of angst, that can’t be cleaned without time, and I do realize, that if I wait for the key of patience, I’ll achieve the greatness that is awaited.
    2. Something you only half remember, maybe its a dream, maybe it was a far away distant memory
    In a state dreams could only match, going back, to ancient ways, sacred paths that only a beam of light could trek, without wreck our worlds a spec in the vast collective that is measured by the perceptive mind, the electric shine that shocks mankind into the awe of unknown with thoughts that aren’t shown but known, to some that notice we become one with focus, a single entity of energy and mass particles, what was not possible is now probable, and the cause of this, is consciousness, it’s obvious, you novices, doubt it, but shouting at the sky with cries disguised as questions, apply the method to survive the wreckage, my eyes just get this, I’ve seen it, and dreamed it, its scenic, perceiving, and leaving the demons in pieces, from lashes of massive blasts of pyro, can’t last this cycle, this track recital, is visual, something to get into, remaining six sensible.


  2. Prompt 1:
    -“…at the sharp edge of the world.”
    -“It’s like a Band-Aid. Rip it off quickly and it won’t hurt.”

    Prompt 2:
    -“Sickness enveloped her body, murdering the perfect shell that I once called my love.”
    -“…the hellish prison that was the human mind.”


  3. I hate getting called on in class but idk if i can do this idk if i can keep it together all i can hear is the my heartbeat i can’t think or hear anything else as though i have deaf i don’t even have the biggest solo in the song only seven measures

    Teacher just compliments him…fine i see….cool….doesn’t matter. Hes getting all the recognition…whatever seven bars doesn’t matter….play better and get a bigger solo next time….okay……

    My heart was beating so fast, my palms were sweating i was shaking i hate feeling pressure, i hate when it feels like the weight of the world is on me and everyone is watching, he’s there, dad, shell, mom, everyone has all their eyes on me.

    2 down. That’s all i can hear, the next one, strike yells the ump i couldn’t get the bat to swing i feel though as if i let them down. Ball….strike….3-2 count 2 outs tied game last inning


  4. Blinded by the violent brightness of the spotlight pointed directly at my face in the middle of the empty room.
    Dazed and confused by their questions “Where is he” “Why did he leave”.
    Well at the end of the day 20 bucks was 20 bucks I did it but now I’m down a bike without handle bars and covered with tire marks on my face.


  5. 1) The tiny embers of light went up into the sky with each snap that came out from the fire.

    2) He held the flower at his side and remembered the cost at which he paid for it


  6. #1
    Swinging in the summer breeze.In a back and forth motion, my hair riding in the wind.

    Lighted blue skies with a few patches of fluffy white clouds.

    The room completely bathed in darkness. A stray of light coming from the crack underneath the door.

    For hours I lie in a corner in a ball holding my legs as if a shield.

    a black figure of a man standing in the doorway, as the light is casted into the room.


  7. Prompt #1 ~ Creative non-fiction
    “…i felt like a potato and i felt my face was troll like and my hair was always nappy and greasy and was never quite right.”
    “…felt like i was hit with a bowling ball.”

    Prompt #2~ Fiction
    “…a beautiful sunny day, no clouds in the sky, hot enough to make you stay indoors or go swimming, with just enough wind you wouldn’t melt like a popsicle.”
    “…taller than me with short hair , she dyed it all the time, her hair was a mixture of colors; blue red purple and green with some pink, she had flawless skin and was skinny. You could almost see every one that wasn’t covered..”


  8. two things i think i can make or use to shoot a photo are-

    1.I just really remember seeing a field of roses
    2.i could feel the tears running down my face and my eyes filled of water like a pool.


  9. 1.If only I could be pretty enough, skinny enough, sexy, worthy, loved.
    2.I look into the mirror to a reflection that shows a creature of a monster.
    3.Her father by her side, holding in the puddle of tears fighting to remain together in the bowels of his eyes.
    4.I have lost an appetite for food


  10. Prompt #1
    “I felt so refreshed, like a new person. I felt free.”
    “I could make my own decisions, do what I want to do, and go where my heart would take me.”

    Prompt #2
    “I could hear my own heart pumping through my chest like someone pounding on a cold wooden door.”
    “I kept walking, hoping to see a face, any face really. Although I enjoyed being alone, my mind was still wandering around like a lost puppy trying to comprehend what was happening.”


  11. 1) but something was missing. Something to the game that i needed to learn. Discipline.
    2) it was an afternoon game about 2pm, the July summer heat starting to creep in, and the kiss of the energizing sunbeams produced an oddly comfortable sweat on our brows.
    3) The dreams where i might as well be living in Utopia, Shangri Lah, or in a state of Nirvana.
    4) It’s one of those dreadful moments when something is right on the tip of your tongue, begging to jump out but the mind cannot seem to connect the dots.


  12. Prompt # 1
    1.“When I woke up the sun was shining in my face”

    2. “The sun was about ready to set and I know this because the sun was more of a orange and the clouds looked red”.

    Prompt # 2

    1. I woke up in some kind of spooky Forest just like in the movies everything around me was dark and the trees looked dead they had no life in them like if somebody sucked the life out of these trees and the leaves looked gray looking that’s how dead they looked”.

    2. “I woke up in some kind of spooky Forest just like in the movies”


  13. 1. roller blades
    2. showing off doesn’t always lead to anything good
    3. i was ridin almost at the RC car’s top speed
    4. i started to turn at that speed and didn’t notice the curb coming up


  14. 1.) There were dozens on dozens of people, packed into this house.
    2.) Then from the door we hear a cop say “We have a warrant, open the door or it will be kicked in!”
    3.) One day, I had a dream my brother was kidnapped. It was a nightmare.
    4.) I searched the house more. I went to every room in the house. He was nowhere to be found.


  15. As my mind runs deeper than the Grand Canyon. Thoughts flowing faster than the river.

    Do you ever force yourself to wake up from a dream because it is so bad, then fall back asleep and the dreams continue.


  16. 1. scared and nervous like a patient with a disease unknown. \

    2.Stuck following the black abyss that sucks you in like a dark hole or gravitational pull


  17. , he was at the stand and was sat next between Chris my step dad and someone I knew as a child but was a stranger to me and me to her

    Not being able to differentiate fully between the ground and sky seeing only black while walking leaves you in an understandable state of weakness each step a gamble.

    A good half an hour of this walking and we come up to a tree that droops down over a crater of rock and dirt that overlooks a grassy field with a few trees peppered about


  18. 1:My brother was sitting at the table at this time he was only about 14-15 years of age he was a bigger built person not as in fat but as in muscle his arms were as massive as Popeye’s when he ate spinach.
    2:something was not right with him he seemed to be light on his feet in the sense he couldn’t really move he was stumbling over his own feet like he didn’t know that each individual leg was there.


  19. I learned that if you do good things for people, good things will be done for you. Sometimes i get judged for this but i dont really care because my parents taught me to fight bad with good instead of bad with bad.

    I am different because i come from a different part of the world and im different because i grew up with a different mindset or mentality which make me who i am today

    We would cross the street from our neighborhood and go into this massive field where we would play games like hide n seek in the tall grass or we would head into the blackberry bushes where we made trails in all the stems and we would hide in them like it was our very own little fortress.

    i remember we would run to the end of the field where there were ponds and we would go there and play in the water and in the mud where our parents wouldn’t see us and we wouldn’t get in trouble.


  20. 3:. It happened in the morning when I woke up it was a warm summer morning when you looked out the window you felt a warm fuzzy feeling
    4:his dull knife due to the normal wear and tear that they face from constant use the usual metallic color from the amount of rust


  21. “I was drenched in the longing to become someone else.”

    “I always sat in the shadows of those people who were fearless, who were able to accomplish anything they set their mind to. I hated every moment of it.”

    “I spread the love I kept so many years locked up, I am not afraid to leap and to soar.”

    “I am remembered as the small brown haired 8 year old who loved the swings a little too much. ”

    “They are merely faces and images that appear only in my dreams.”


  22. Prompt 1: America was my prison not being able to step out and smell the jungle breeze and to feel the dew on the trees after it had rained for a day or so.

    The ocean was nowhere to be seen and I had no friends, having no friends is like being on an island alone and no one wants to talk to you no matter what you try to do.

    Prompt 2: When you hit that final turn in your sleep you start to feel as if you were falling, in panic you start panting faster and faster watching everything fly past you and you see the “LIGHT” that everyone talks about.

    All in a sudden “BAM” you hit the oak wood floor groaning in pain you start to run your hand towards your face while you feel the small cracks in the floor that you never even noticed, you start to feel the pattern that was put there by no other than Mother Nature, the smell of the oak wood floor almost brings you back into the forest that it was taken from.


  23. Prompt #1:
    “The moment in my life that made me a different person is when I found JESUS.”
    Prompt #2:
    “until he officially had to leave and then that’s when everything starting changing and I was in a new dream.”


  24. Prompt 1:
    1.) “…my emotions weren’t in tact.”
    I can take a photo of me with my hands over my head, or my face in my palms.
    2.) “…so we decided it was better off going different paths and see where it takes us”.
    I can take a picture of two people going separate directions
    Prompt 2:
    1.) “… I was in a deep slumber and as I woke up…”
    I can take a slow shutter speed photo of me with my eyes closed, and then opening after a short time.
    2.) “I went to school instantly and went to first period.”
    I can take a ghost picture of me entering the front of Heritage High School.


  25. 1. “hearing the noises of thousands of waves crashing next to a castle ”
    2.” sunlight hitting his little eyes “


  26. prompt 1: “the eerie terror of a wall of trees hiding in a somber monotone”
    “the life and old growth that has gone unseen among the new life that shunned the wasting away of what was as young as it’s company”

    prompt 2: ” the wood warped and bent as if climbing towards light that the selective sun has denied it, no light and the magnificence of of the tree became mute and the color dulled.

    “the green mosses, they’ve yet to lose their luster to the selfish forest, the leaves and drape over beings much larger than itself, growing in silence and serenity and learning of its growing magnificence while the sun’s light is a passing blessing.”


  27. Prompt One
    The world ceased to rotate for blank, hollow moment

    a landless expedition
    I was Christopher Columbus with no America to land on
    I was Neil Armstrong with no moon to reach

    Prompt Two
    we were hanging outside some rusted factory or brewery, whatever it was before the day

    the week before I found some money in a glove box, funny how quickly a piece of paper went from the biggest problem in the world to the smallest


  28. 1)The first time I got my phone it was like a new world for me I couldn’t do anything I was checking every second if I have a new message.
    2)In just a few days I could’t live without my phone and there are so many people that their life is their phones, tablets, computers, and so on.
    3)This feeling when all kids your age can walk but you can’t do that.
    4)The air was touching my face I wanted to get up and run but I couldn’t do that.


  29. Non Fiction-
    The moment he said okay her breathing got heavy as if there were 23 bricks on top of her chest. Her love for him crushing her in defeat.

    My thoughts were too loud to let me sleep. I was a sitting wall nothing to say, nothing to do, and nothing to care about anymore.


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