Next Week’s Photo Challenge: Low Key Lighting

This is one way you can shoot this in the studio. We have the seamless black background, and we have a reflector. You might want to have a friend hold the reflector up for you.

FOR THIS PHOTO CHALLENGE, you will shoot two photos featuring low key lighting, see example above. You can use the studio for the portrait shots, or shoot at night at a low ISO number and faster shutter speed. You will want to take many shots and adjust the aperture or shutter speed until you are happy with the results.

You are encouraged to use off camera flash, either with a Godox Speedlight and soft-box, or using one of the strobes. This could be done in the classroom at the front of the room or in the studio.


TWO LOW KEY LIGHTING PHOTOS UPLOADED TO FLICKR & Google Classroom on or before April 15th, 2016.

Upload to Google Classroom.

Uploaded to HHS Photography Flickr Group

REQUIRED RESPONSE: Reply to this post with two ideas for this photo challenge. Give me as many details as you can and write in complete sentences.


8 thoughts on “Next Week’s Photo Challenge: Low Key Lighting”

  1. A person curled up in a corner using low key lighting to get an affect that makes the view feel loneliness and sympathetic for the subject. My other idea is to get something shinny and have the light reflect off them in a low key lighting effect.


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