This Week’s Photo Challenge: HDR


For next week’s photo challenge you will create two HDR images, consisting of at least three images for each HDRimages.

For each image you will take at least three photos, but five looks much more like the photo above.

  • One image at normal exposure
  • One image with the exposure upped to +1
  • One image with the exposure upped to +2
  • One image with the exposure reduced to -1
  • One image with the exposure reduced to -2

Once you are in Adobe Bridge, select all five images, then go up to Tools, then HDR toning.

You can also use Photomatix Essentials, download the thirty day trial, here.

Tweak the settings until you get an image that looks like the above image.

TIP. For modes, take one image and create four copies, adjust each copy to the settings above. This is cheating, in a way, but imagine trying to keep your eye open for all five shots and have them look the same.

TIP: HDR images work best with architecture, wide shots of landscapes, etc.

Turn in two HDR images to Classroom,  flickr, add to HHS Photography.


REQUIRED RESPONSE: RESPOND TO THIS POST WITH TWO IDEA FOR THIS PHOTO CHALLENGE. Write in complete sentences, write as many details as possible.


Here’s how to set up Auto Exposure Bracketing on the Canon T5i


9 thoughts on “This Week’s Photo Challenge: HDR”

  1. A shot of the front of the school or the track would look nice if it’s sunny outside, but another idea would be in the cafeteria, and use the light from there to enhance certain colors. I also want to use the bins for the recycled water bottles! The different colors and shapes could be really cool.


  2. Capturing someones eyes and enhancing the color in just their eyes would look really pretty. Another idea is capturing images of a tree with flowers on it and enhancing the colors from that. Also getting the sky into the image while its sunny will create more colors for the viewers eyes to capture.


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