This Week’s Photo Challenge: Person Portrait


Examples here:

Student Examples Here:

For your next photo challenge, you will take five images that has to do with someone at school, a student a teacher, etc. You will take five photos that have to do with this person. Not all five will be photos of the person, maybe 1-2, the other three or four images will be of things that they are talking about. It could be the object that is in their hand. It could be a concept that they are talking about. You will bring an audio recorder with you, or use the microphone on your Smartphone to capture the interview with this person.The slideshows will be at least thirty seconds, five seconds per slide.

Potential questions could include:

  • Name one thing that gives You joy outside of teaching/school?
  • Name and describe one person who made you who you are today?
  • Describe a challenge you faced and how you overcame it?
  • What’s one thing you do better than anyone?
  • What’s one person who has had a huge influence over your life and why?

Once you have your interview, you will take the audio you recorded, and the photos you took and mix it together in Adobe Premiere Pro. See the tutorial below.


We will post them all to youtube, and collect them all on a page for us to critique.

Oh and by the way, this assignment we are doing is totally the thing they do all the time in the Multimedia class, for posting onto HOWL Heritage.

Portrait Photo is due Friday, 4/29.


You’ll take one portrait shot of your subject, work it in Camera Raw/Photoshop, and turn it in for Next Week’s Photo Challenge, on April 29th, 2016.

Required Response: Write down in the comments section three people you could interview for this project, what questions you would ask them, and where would this interview take place?


4 thoughts on “This Week’s Photo Challenge: Person Portrait”

  1. 3 people I would interview: My older stepsister, My little sister, and my Mom.

    What is your proudest moment?
    What do you like doing when you’re upset?
    What is your greatest fear?
    What is your greatest strength?
    If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?


  2. I could ask: Mrs. Blessley. Miss Deline, or Mr. Strong.

    I could ask them…

    “Why did you become a teacher?”
    “Are you glad you became one [a teacher]?”
    “Do you wish you could have done something else?”
    “What do you do as a teacher?”
    “Do you have any advise teachers, students, or life in general?”


  3. I could interview: Jon V. (Friend), Jon A. (Friend), Mrs. Messer.

    I could ask them:
    1)What’s on e thing that gives you joy outside of school?
    2)Who’s one person who has had a huge influence over your life. Why?
    3)Any words/thoughts for life or mottos you live by?


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