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Frozen Moment Assignment Example: Alex Stoddard


read_photostar -- 9 - I have a great love and appreciation for storytelling. I wanted to depict the physical process of "sinking" into a really good story, being enveloped and captured within its pages, as I often find myself when reading. ADDITIONAL INFO:// Photographer Alex Stoddard is becoming well-known from his surreal flkr 365  portrait series. He posed himself in unlikely and symbolic settings often  addressing his "fear of death." The 19-year-old from Georgia recently told his parents he is not going to be a doctor and not going to college. instead he will be persuing his dream of becoming a photographer and moving in with his boyfriend.  PHOTO CREDIT: ALEX STODDARD PHOTOGRAPHY

Photo by Alex Stoddard

A piece about Alex Stoddard and how he got the shot above.