This Week’s Photo Challenge: Be Inclusive!


Be Inclusive HOWL Heritage link from last semester.

We’ve all felt left out before, right? Well this week we are going to right that ship! You will make two photographs that deals with inclusion in a positive way. A photo that encourages your audience to do more to include everyone.

Your images could deal with the following:

  • Talk to a person who is sitting buy themselves.
  • Invite someone you don’t know to join in an activity.
  • Create a more inclusive culture at HHS.
  • Try to figure out where others who appear different from you come from and why they feel the way they do.

You must use one of these Principals and Elements of Design:

  • Repetition
  • Symmetry
  • Contrast
  • Object Dominance.

FEELING STUCK? What would these scenes look like? Someone feeling like they are the only one? What would the lighting look like in an emotionally striking image? What could these phrases look like in an image?

  • An audience of one.
  • In their own world.
  • A legend in their own mind.
  • Nobody cares about me.

What would the text look like?


Include text that deals with the situation, and end with the hashtag: #beinclusive.



15 thoughts on “This Week’s Photo Challenge: Be Inclusive!”

  1. 1. Use natural lighting! Have a group of people in a naturally bright area, and have one person behind a tree looking towards the side. That person would be in the shade. I think changing the color of the darker side would work too.

    2. It’d be a cool idea to use soda bottles in a way. There’d be a couple of bottles that have the same logo, while one is different. That can show that it’s different and left out from the “group”.

    3. The simplest idea would just have someone sitting alone, while people walk past them.


  2. 1. Taking the photo outside for natural lighting we could have a few people throwing around a football and one kid sitting alone. making the spotlight focus on the people playing football and make the guy sitting alone look upset for not getting picked.

    2. Taking a photo inside in a hallway with seniors standing around wearing their senior shirts and a freshman standing there wearing a freshman shirt and being nervous to walk down the hallway. The light shining down the middle of the hall where the extra space is.

    3. Have a kid wearing a dunce hat in the corner of a classroom and everybody laughing at him and the light be focused on the kid in the corner.


  3. 1. there will be 2 tables. a large group of people are at one hanging out and then a lonely person is at the other. while another person is grabbing a chair from the lonely table towards the group.

    2. haver a group of people in a crowd then another person sitting on the ground wearing a batman mask and reading comics.

    3. having people sitting on their cars and then one person walking with their bike.


  4. 1: i could have an image with a group of people going over to someone who is alone
    2: I can have someone sitting outside a group looking at the group wanting to join in having the group out of focus and the loner in focus
    3: i could show a ghosted image of someone leaving a group to hangout with someone who is alone


  5. 1.) Have a colored picture with someone sitting with there head down in the corner in black and white.
    2.) People sitting at a table talking and smiling and laughing and then someone at the table next to them by them self.
    3.) Have someone alone, and people pointing and laughing at them instead of talking to them.


  6. One idea that comes to mind is someone left on the benches while the rest of the team is playing on the field.

    Another idea is take a picture of a kid at lunch who is eating alone with the background of groups of people at other tables.

    My last idea is to have a group of friends huddled in a circle and have an individual blocked out and caste aside from the group.


  7. 1) Three subjects; two subjects (in color) playing in background and one wanting to play (shaded in black) in foreground.
    2) Kids eating at table laughing (in foreground) and one kid at adjacent table alone (in background).
    3) Three kids walking together on/near sidewalk. Two kids are on sidewalk talking with each other while the third kid is left out walking by them-self on street, with no one to talk to.


  8. Have people at a table and all of them are on their phones but one. someone sitting in a corner and people are talking around him/her.
    someone eating lunch alone


  9. I want to take a picture of someone walking outside but use selective color to make everything but the person in color.
    My second idea is to have a person sitting in a hallway alone.
    Another idea I have is to take a picture in the auditorium of someone sitting in a chair while the rest of the seats are empty.


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