Photo Challenge Voting & Critique: This Vs. That



300 Words on the Following:


For your critique, you will write a 300 word critique that addresses the following criteria.

Composition.How does the composition in the image support the two distinct ideas or concepts present in the photograph? How does the photographer incorporate the two separate ideas into one photograph?

Principle of Art: Contrast

Do the two ideas each have their own “look”? Where does the one look begin and where does the other end? How does the look support the idea or concept being presented? Are the two different looks different enough that you can tell the differences between the two? How could the photographer increase the contrast in this image?

Focus: Is the subject of the image in focus or blurred out? Is the focus just a little bit off or is the image totally sharp? How could the photographer fix the focus? Is the correct part of the image in focus? What is the subject of the photograph? Is the subject in focus or blurry? If it’s blurry, where is the focus on? How could the photographer fix the focus? Or do they need to re-shoot the image?

Lighting. How does the photographer use light to illustrate contrast between the two images in this image? Does the photographer attempt to alter the kind of light or the amount of light coming into the camera? Or is natural light used? If natural light is used, is it used in a way that matches the subject matter(s) of the photograph? Does the lighting appear to be altered by Photoshop, or is the light the same as when it came straight out of the camera? Is light used at all to create drama or tension within the image? How could the photographer alter the lighting to match the moods of the two different ideas contained in this photograph?

Photoshop. Does the image look like something that could come out of the camera, or is there too much Photoshop. Was Photoshop used to highlight the two different ideas or concepts or was Photoshop used just to use Photoshop? Did the photographer choose an appropriate font for the mood and tone of the image?Does the brightness and contrast fit the mood(s) of the photograph? How could the contrast or look of the image be improved so that it matches the mood of the photograph?

Overall: Does the image try to tell you a story? Two different stories? What is the relationship between the two contrasting ideas in the image? Do you get two specific ideas from this image? Or is the image just taken to fulfill the requirements of the assignment? What mood(s) or feeling(s) is created when you look at this photograph? Is there a person in this image interacting with the two ideas or concepts in the photograph? Is there a struggle going on within this photograph? How could the story contain a conflict? How could this image present more ideas?

Please write complete answers for all of the above questions. Don’t tell me the questions, just give me the answers, in 300 words or more, and fully explain your thinking.

Write your critique in Word or Google Docs.Check for grammar and spelling. Read it aloud to yourself.
Step 2: Copy and paste the text to the individual photo in the photo gallery. Post the text as a comment to the photo.



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